Animal, Vegetable, Mineral?

All feature in my 2015 food and drink trends.
Here are my top 10.


1.  Salt.

This year I gave my friends and family flavoured salts that went down a treat. Flavoured with everything from bacon to wine and everything in between, flavoured salt is sure to make a heavy appearance… And it’ll probably be Himalayan as well. Whatever it is make sure its responsibly sourced and either rock or sea. Never that bleached sand stuff!
This smoked salt is my current squeeze.

 2. Pork Jowl.

Pork jowl bacon will be turning heads this year. A type of bacon similar to pancetta, popular in southern USA, pork jowl or jowl bacon is used widely. There is also an Italian version called Guanciale. Keep an eye out for these either used in dishes or as the main ingredient.

3.  Eggstravigansas!!

Eggs, eggs, eggs, these little spherical beauties will feature in the starring roles, not just as a support act. Look out for more breeds to become readily available. High on my list are goose, bantam and maybe even ostrich! Eggcellent. Clarence Court do the whole range for you to try…

4.  Any other milk than cow’s…

Almonds to goat… Milk and milk products of anything but cow’s will be on the rise. A few I am excited about is goat’s milk caramel, ice cream and ewe’s butter. have some delectable ice creams to sample.

5.  Sour.

From pickling and fermenting unusual ingredients, to adding a sour touch to your meals, sour as a flavour will keep your lips tingling in 2015. Look out for pickled corn and unusually pickled watermelon rinds which is excellent with pork.

6.  Ingredients Delivery.

Instead of takeaway meals I have seen a few great meal delivery services who will bring you a basket of local ingredients to make your own dishes! Nice… But please stay and cook it… and wash up…
If you live in London check out St.Bernards breakfast box. Life saver!

 7.  Ancient Grains.

Quinoa and couscous have had their day.  Next to shine are farro, kamut, amaranth and chia. All old unadulterated grains to keep those salads and stews filled with the good stuff!

 8.  Casual Dining.

It is sticking around. We’ve enjoyed a more relaxed manner of service and it is set to continue into next year. Gone are the penguin suits, in are smart casual, generally tattooed beauties to serve – you know the ones! Huzzah!!!

 9.  Coffee.

Were all still obsessed! Look out for single source, or vintage years. What’s the saying ‘if you’re not shaking you need another cup…’ Look out for more at home coffee contraptions such as aeropress among others.

 10.  Herb Tipples.

I’m looking at herb infused liquors in wonderful cocktail creations. A few I’ve been ‘experimenting with… Hiccup… are…

Rosemary Gin Fizz – A fragrant twist on a classic
Alchemist Punch – using Benedictine; a 27 herb, 500 year old tipple made by French monks.
Carrot and Coriander -Traditional flavour combinations get a kick up the cocktail with sherry and chartreuse.
Stay tuned for a herb cocktail blog coming soon.



Hope you all have a very happy and healthy 2015.
Bake Love
Janine xx