A simply vegetarian breakfast using saffron and herb flowers to brighten a Winter morning.

For me anything that can bring a ray of sunshine to my day is a wonderful thing.
This dish combines the bright, aromatic saffron and earthy rosemary to create a beautiful breakfast. The addition of rosemary flowers adds the final flourish.


Saffron Eggs
Prep 5 minutes, cooking time 10-15 minutes
2 eggs per person
2 large flat mushrooms per person
2 tomatoes per person
a pinch of saffron filaments
a sprig of fresh rosemary
a few fresh rosemary flowers to garnish
salt and pepper

Firstly pop grill onto high and place mushrooms and tomatoes in a roasting dish.
Spray/ drizzle with oil, season and add rosemary needles.
Grill for 10- 15 minutes.
Break eggs into a bowl and beat until fully mixed.
Heat a frying pan to high and oil, add eggs and turn heat down, cook until desired texture is achieved. My personal favourite is just over baveuse.
Baveuse: Is a french cooking term. The root of the word comes from the word drool; I’m sure this gives you an indication to the texture… Indeed the term means, moist, juicy or a bit runny. I take mine slightly further so its holds together a bit more.To achieve this you need to move eggs around constantly so they do not touch the heat for too long. Keep moving the eggs around till they come together, season, taste.


Plate with the mushrooms and tomatoes and garnish with the edible rosemary flowers.
A drop of Spring in Winter, how lovely!

Enjoy, Janine