Mushrooms are magic!!! They are in season and are sensational!

This is a my slimming world smoked garlic mushrooms bruschetta with poached eggs.
For a fantasticly tasty weekend brunch, why not try this delicious recipe.
I posted ingredients previously, so you should be ready to go, but just in case, here they are again….


Slimming World version
Serves 2
X 4 eggs, free range
X 500g mushrooms sliced
X 1 glove of smoked garlic- I got in from Ellie’s Deli in Stanford Bridge but unsmoked  is fine if you can’t find it.
X 2 slices of wholemeal from a 400ml loaf
X 100g quark
Splash of vinegar  (for poaching eggs)
Fresh Parsley or seasonal thyme to serve.
Salt and Pepper to taste

For non slimming world replace quark with creme fresh and swap wholemeal sliced for a loaf of any bread you like, walnut and rye would be amazing with this and cut into thick diagonal slices to toast…


Okay you have your ingredients now onto the method.
Take your lovely mushrooms and slide them up, in a medium heat pan spray fry lite and cook mushrooms, make sure not to crowd the pan. Mushrooms need room to cook, so this may take 2 batches to cook all through.
Peel and crush smoked garlic, and cook with mushrooms, once shrooms are done take off heat and set aside for a moment.
At the same time put the bread down to toast ( non slimming world slather with butter when done ).
To finish mushrooms off stir through quark, season and pop onto the toast and serve…. you can make it a super duper  brunch by crowning with poached eggs…read on…
Poached eggs
On another hob get a pan of water boiling to a ‘rolling boil’ basically lots of  bubbles.
Pour in about 1/2 tablespoons of vinegar…This can be reduced the better you get at poaching.
Crack an egg into a small cup
Angle cup so you can get in water (mind your hands) and push against side of pan, tip up and draw a little hot water into the cup, them slide egg into water.
Add all your eggs and time about 2 minutes, you can then use a slotted  spoon (spoon with holes in) to lift up eggs and check if they are done, give them a little poke in the yolk to see if they are done to your liking… pop back in if not and check every 40 seconds or so- they wont take long.
Take out and lay on either kitchen paper or a clean tea towel drain and put onto of the bruschetta.
This method works for a few reasons,
The vinegar helps hold together the white, the rolling boil creates a circular motion to keep egg together and using the cup to draw in the boiling water before dropping  so again keeping that egg together.
































Give it a go this weekend, hashtag it with #webakelovepoachedeggs

Happy weekend lovely people
Janine BL xx