Well it’ll be Sunday soon enough and there’s nothing better then having a huge lie in, followed by a lazy Sunday brunch, cooked for you by someone else, if possible.

I love having poached eggs on muffins or bagels with crispy bacon and hollandaise sauce or yummy sweet thick American style pancakes with blueberries, bacon and maple syrup. Ah just amazing!

I had always liked the sweet and savoury thing but when I went to Los Angeles I realised I loved it and so do they. The mixture of salty bacon cuts through the ultra sweet sticky maple syrup with big fluffy pancakes to soak up any juices and flavour and as a carrier for both, just heaven.






Pics: An amazing French toast and wild blackberries. A proper LA style breakfast, huge hash browns and eggs, with pancakes and fruit, and a whole cafetiere for one for $5 crazy!This was at an IHOP, international house of pancakes, oh yeah.
Cheesecake at the cheesecake factory, look at the size of those strawberries!

So my lazy Sunday brunch consists of a few things as above,  eggs, hollandaise, crispy bacon,  pancakes and maple syrup.
oh and a lovely coffee.

When making hollandaise people get scared and worried that it’ll spilt or curled or not work, it can happen, but hey give it a go, the result is a million times better then anything you will get in a jar or packet and after a few goes it looses all its mystery and doubt.

In fact until last year it had never failed to work, but at a breakfast I was cooking for my boyfriends family, it just wouldn’t thicken!II was mortified and I put it down to an unfamiliar kitchen and blender.
Poached eggs are another one people don’t like doing, fried and scrambled fine, but poaching in the pan, you must use an egg poacher or some contraption  no no just boiling water and a splash of vinegar.

So onto the savoury….

Poached eggs
x 1 or 2 eggs per person
Pan of boiling water
Splash of vinegar, any will do but just malt or white is best

Bring water and vinegar to a rolling but not rapid boil, crack eggs and add to water, do this gently or crack into a shallow cup and then place lip onto water ad slip egg in. Be careful not the break the yolk when popping egg in the water.
You should be able to see that the vinegar stops the egg white spreading through the water and the rolling boil forces the egg to boiling around the yolk, getting a perfect shape to your egg. After about 2 minutes for soft,3 minutes for medium and 5-8 minutes for hard eggs, take out using a egg spoon which has holes for the water to escape, and place onto a try with kitchen towel or a clean jay cloth. this will get rid of excess poaching water.
Place onto your desired dish and season the egg, yummy, a perfect easy peasy poached egg.




For hollandaise sauce.

A buttery, French classic. But with every thing I cheat and do it the easy way, why stir over boiling water and hand whisk, when you can use a blender with for me better, thicker, more stable results.
I like to use one of those little blenders you use with a hand blender attachment  they are the perfect size for a few portions of sauce.

for 2-4 people
x 4 egg yolks
x 200 g butter, melted, hot but not boiling.
x 1/4 lemon
salt and pepper

Firstly separate the eggs so you only have the yolks remaining.
Put the yolks in the mini blender with the lemon juice and whiz for 1 minutes or so until the mix is frothy
Add the hot butter in 3-4 increments and whiz for 10 seconds between each addition of butter. Add the final butter and season. Whiz again the mix should be warm and thick.
Serve, no splitting, no fuss, no hassle.
Do not reheat.
Hollandaise is a semi raw product but the hot butter should cook out any real eggy flavour, but of pregnant probably best to avoid.











Crispy bacon, pan fry or grill bacon, I love smoked and streaky, add to your breakfast or pancakes, yum!








American style pancakes.
much thicker then usual pancakes  if you want them thinner, just add more milk to the mix.






x 150 g or 1.5 cup,  self raising flour
x 150 g or 1 cup, milk, yep measure it in a receptacle on the scales
x 50 g sugar or half cup
x 1 egg

Mix up all ingredients with a whisk until thick, fluffy with no lumps.





Heat a frying pan with a little rub of butter, when hot add a spoon of mixture.
At this point I would add either sultanas, blueberries, other dried fruit, fresh elderberries or chocolate chips. Or enjoy plain and have with a savoury such as the bacon above. Sprinkle your chosen addition onto the soft pancake.
The pancakes are ready to flip when bubbles appear through the pancakes, flip and cook on other side for 1 minute.







Take off and serve with crispy bacon, maple syrup and a dusting of cinnamon  amazing!

I hope you enjoy Baking Love on a Sunday morning, I know I do!

See you next week,
Love Janine xxx