Kitsch- A style of decorative art and design in which ordinary objects with vintage appeal, “old-fashioned” characteristics or banal usefulness feature prominently. Clutter, trite sayings, kitchen utensils and homey objects appeal as “kitchy”.

Kitchen- noun, 1.a room or place equipped for cooking. 2.culinary department; cuisine: This restaurant has a fine Italian kitchen. 3.the staff or equipment of a kitchen.

Kitchenalia-  noun, cooking equipment and other items found in a kitchen

Did I mention that I like kitchen equipment??? No not sure if I did, well I think i have hit near obsession level. I have been buying more!!!!! I just love vintage kitchen finds! I may now need help, as I know these will not be even near the last objects I buy.
I just love the kitsch, vintage wonders I find on-line, at car-boots at flea markets in charity shops and antique shops.

Photo 04-04-2013 19 15 55

Photo 10-04-2013 22 11 35

Photo 17-04-2013 17 47 23






I also had a little trip to the big smoke (London). The museum of Brands in Notting Hill was a little gem and if anything showed me an array of items I am missing, so did the Science Museum where I spotted Dolly and my new Kenwood 1957 Toaster. Not to mention the A200 Mixer which got old Mr Wood started.

I have slightly de faulted too, I know I know, I am still and will always be a huge fan of Kenwood, but I did buy myself a little Sunbeam, Shhhh don’t tell anyone!
Every one needs sunshine in there live though, right? Dolly will never be bested, but he’s pretty handsome and handy for smaller mixing jobs.  I feel like I’m having an affair…….. I quite like it.

So worried was I that Dolly would one day break, I have also invested in a b=very sorry Sally of a machine. A spares and repairs kind of girl. I am in the process of stripping her down and renovating her. A bit of a task to say the least, but hey I’ll give anything a go. I had some help in the form of a great yahoo group, which I will add to my friends page and to the bottom of the blog.

I have also found another very helpful chap to do with mixer repairs, and his knowledge will be invaluable when it comes to the motor repair and replacing. When dealing with electrics I would always get a professional involved
Any way onto more pictures…

Another Kenwood in my kitchen, but a sad one …. Te model herself, another A700B.

Photo 04-04-2013 19 15 55



Photo 07-04-2013 15 23 45

Photo 07-04-2013 17 01 28Photo 07-04-2013 17 01 45






Taking her apart, the somewhat knackered motor, the bits and bobs that make her tick taken off and catalogued as I go along, with a note in each bag where it came from, where it went and what it did. Very important if you happen to leave it a few weeks before looking at it again and can’t remember where it went.

The lovely Mike from Kenmix Engineering it helping me with the repairs and has been invaluable with little hints and tips making the repair bearable and possible,. He also does it all for you, much easier!!! have a look at his website,

Also the yahoo group that helped me actually get her apart- it was slightly harder then unscrewing all the nuts and bolts. You will have to join the group, but it is well worth it

Good luck with any repairs you are doing on your machine.

Kenwood Toaster, 1957

Photo 10-04-2013 22 11 35


The mistress! Sunbeam Mixmaster 1950’s with stainless steel bowl. A real beauty. An American beauty.

I love that the controller are the jobs, not just numbers and speeds.

Photo 17-04-2013 17 47 23



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I hope you have enjoyed my kitsch blog. Stay tuned for the next stages of the repair.
Next will be the de grease of the gear box, a respray and putting her back together. BIG JOB!!!

Keep Baking Love!!