A Small Place to Call Home and Grow Your Own

Vegan // V // GF // DF // Organic

I have always loved the idea of growing my own. I’m not sure if it was watching the Good Life as a teenager, or that my parents had a penchant for growing fruit and vegetables or a combinations of both but I have decided to give it a go.


Now that we now have a little patch to call our own I though this would be the perfect time. I am very much a chuck it in the ground and see if it’ll grow girl. However I have got a bit into it and have been reading my dads old gardening book. Which if nothing else is tremendously nostalgic.

I’ve started with the best basic vegetable I know, which I believe I can actually grow. Both my Mum and Mother in law are great gardeners and allotment growers so I am a little spoilt having advice on hand, but really just give it a go, you’ll love it! Its harder than I thought but I guess theres that saying isn’t there, nothing worth having comes easy… Right where my trowel.

Where to start?

I started with soil prep. Deep somewhere in the grey matter is the memory of helping my dad dig out the soil in preparation for the seeds. So this is where I started.
There is the perfect area in the garden where a shed had previously which already had four sections created from the sheds wooden foundation frame. I simply dug these out and turn over the soil, removing all stones and weeds and mixing in some all purpose compost.
Next was to decide what to grow and where. two of the sections get a good full days sun, where as the other two are much more shaded.
Im packing my veggies in quite tight as I haven’t got much room, or room with full sun at least to play with.
I took inspiration from an image (below) I spotted on Pinterest, which is originally from this article.
I loved the idea of utilising the foundation frame and adding poles across the back to create a similar little vegetable and salad patch.
This indeed would work, however would need a little rearranging to account for the lack of sun in two sections.

love this idea from http://boyslife.org/hobbies-projects/funstuff/7222/plant-a-compact-vegetable-garden/

The Plants

In the end I have decided to plant and grow from seed; Potato, carrot, cauliflower, tomato, beans, sweetcorn, mange tout, lettuce and companion herbs, basil, chive and sage.
Companion herbs not only taste great with the vegetable they pair with, they can also prevent insects and bugs eating your precious shoots – A great organic and non evasive pest control measure.
I also bough lettuce, kale and purple sprouting seedlings that had already been started to go outside to get me going.

Here are my plants so far… I started all but the potato, carrots, cauliflower, chive and sage in starter pots of pure compost which I will transplant when big enough and the rain had stopped a little hopefully late April, early May. The potatoes had already started themselves off in the cupboard having been forgotten for a while, and the rest went straight in the soil as seeds.
I am already quite protective of my little brood and an slightly apprehensive about popping the in the soil to fend for themselves, but I’m sure they’ll be fine!



 _NIK6002Next we will see them when they have been transplanted into the big bad world. God speed little ones!