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A Kenwood Chef in my kitchen

A wonderful piece of vintage kitchenalia

My Dolly mixer is a firm feature of my kitchen. She has stood the test of time in engineering, design and performance. Dolly was also the first gift my husband bought me (I’m sure the feminist in me should have been outraged – at least it wasn’t a hoover) but as a professional cook and baker it was the perfect present.
Not only did she come with the original kenlyte cream bowl, she also had a host of other accessories, one particularly rare and a few that are still in their original packaging.

Kenwood Chef -10

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Make sure you pick up Issue 10 of Worcester Styles Magazine as Bake Love is featured on pages 22-27.
In this issue we look at Salt & Pepper and the reason behind seasoning. Plus if you are looking to make something for the weekend why not make my Mediterranean Baked Eggs which is also featured.

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I am over the moon to be featured in the June issue of Good Food Magazine forΒ my delicious Blueberry & Pistachio cake with Cardamon Cream.

It is a true celebration cake. The deep sweet spice of cardamon is complimented perfectly with the creamy pistachios, plus the blueberries add a fresh burst of sweetness.


Make sure you go and grab yourself a copy and try out this recipe.
However if you missed it, the recipe is also available online. Check out the recipe here

I was lucky enough to receive a truly lovely gift for the recipe. As my kitchen is very well stocked I decided to auction it off. The proceeds went to my local foodbank and helped make sure families had food for their families.

joseph-006As always Bake Love!

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