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Orange & Tomato Salad

Vegan // V // GF //DF // Syn Free // Raw

This light salad is pure sunshine on a plate. Bursting with colour and fresh flavours. It combines sweet citrus oranges and savoury lightly picked onions and juicy tomatoes.


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They’re hotdogs, but not as you know them!

Vegan // V // DF

Summers coming and that means its nearly BBQ time! This recipe is vegan and uses the humble carrot as the star of the show. First by poaching them in delicious spiced liqueur, then by finishing them directly onto the BBQ to give that authentic smokey charcoal flavour. Then topped with your favourite sauces and pickles for a true hotdog experience.


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This wonderful dish is filling and full of summer flavours. 

Syn Free

In this dish I’ve combined the fresh flavours of classic pesto, with a store cupboard classic and nutritious grilled salmon. Delicious!
I’ve have made a lovely little video for you to follow. Which I hope will show you how easy these recipes are. 
This is also a nice time to drop in that I now have a YouTube channel……. Bake Love. So expect to see many more videos to come. Make sure you go and subscribe to keep up to date with all my recipes. 

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Potato Rosti Poached Egg Stacks

V // DF // GF // Syn Free

I love potatoes! sweet, mashed, crushed, baked, boiled, grated- yep grated… A potato rosti is a real delight! This one is enhanced with basil, chilli, tomatoes and crowned with soft poached eggs. Great for breakfast or brunch, actually they’d be great for dinner too, or a snack… I’ll just have them all the time thanks!


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