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Should You Viva La Raw Milk Revolution?

Should you Viva La Raw Milk Revolution? Raw milk products Yes or No?

I will be looking into the debate of raw verses pasteurised milk and cheese: Should you risk it?
Also I will be showing you my favourite cheese board and how to present it.

We are now fully emerged in a raw revolution. Which side will you choose?
You will have no doubt been hearing the buzzword ‘raw’ as a lifestyle and diet choice for a while now. Raw food is basically food which has not been heated above 118 degrees. This retains the majority of nutrients and enzymes that cooking destroys or depletes.
There is no doubt strong evidence that raw fruit and vegetables are exceptionally good for you, but what about other foods? In this article I will be looking at raw milk and cheese.


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Ohh Not That Old Chestnut…

Actually no it is not another old chestnut, this a very lovely new one…

Hazelnut, Chocolate Meringue Cake with Chestnut Cream.
This delicious cake is a great alternative to Christmas pudding and other stodgy desserts you find at this time of year.
The meringues are soft and sweet, the hazelnuts add a delightful crunchy texture, the cream is seasonal and delicious and for me chocolate is just a must!
Definitely a show stopper for the Christmas table. The great thing is this could be made ahead of time, frozen and then brought out for the day. A great time and stress saver!





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Cheeky Cow! Salt Baked Ox Cheeks…

Cheeky Cow! Salt Baked Ox Cheeks with a delicious Sage, Butter and Port sauce, plus a Slimming World version…

Ox cheek are lean, filling, richly flavoured and often overlooked.
Thankfully they have gained favour recently and have been used by top chefs and restaurants.
I am so pleased as they really are a great piece of meat.
Ox cheeks are generously grained, but low fat and a great option for slimmings and non alike.
They are best cooked low and slow, so are fantastic in stews and casseroles or braised in wine.


Salt baking is  a method of covering food in the ‘dough’ which insulates, cooks gently and evenly, flavours and is a little bit different.

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Magic Mushrooms

Mushrooms are magic!!! They are in season and are sensational!

This is a my slimming world smoked garlic mushrooms bruschetta with poached eggs.
For a fantasticly tasty weekend brunch, why not try this delicious recipe.
I posted ingredients previously, so you should be ready to go, but just in case, here they are again….


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Ellie’s Deli

I love a good deli! The fresh fruit and vegetables, fresh bread, eggs, meats and speciality products you just can find anywhere else. The expertise of an owner that lets you try before you buy and actually has a genuine knowledge and love of the goods they are selling. You just cant beat that personal service.

And we now have a great Deli just outside Worcester, run by a very passionate, professional friend of mine, So as you see I’m not biased at all…much…

Now if your looking for all of the above, get yourself down to Ellie’s Deli! Mill farm, Stanford Bridge, Worcester, WR6 6SP, she is open Tuesday-Friday 9am-6pm, Saturday 9am-5pm and Sunday 9am-1pm.
She has been open just over a week and the place is amazing, in the short time we were there, there was a constant stream of customers buying and sampling the fresh produce on offer.

Here’s a little tour…


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Just Beet It…

Beetroot is a great vegetable. it has a long season from July to January and is in it’s peak now. So why not enjoy a seasonal treat.


Beetroot is a super food, it is  part of the chenopod family these include beets, chard, spinach and quinoa. Beetroot is of exceptional nutritional value; especially the greens, which are rich in calcium, iron and vitamins A and C. Beetroots are an excellent source of folic acid and a very good source of fibre, manganese and potassium. You can use all parts of a beetroot. The tops can be cooked in the same way as spinach, or when young eaten such as chard in a salad, and of course the root is plump and versatile.
You can get the red/purple beetroot we all know, but varieties also include golden, candy stripe and white…. so many to experiment with. 

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Deer Old Friends….

Seasonal treat- Venison!

Amazing venison is in season from About November till March. It is lean and tasty and everso nice!
It is a seasonal treat and should be enjoyed.
Use it in the same way you would beef.
Healthy and filling it is a great meat option. Also a lot of UK venison will be wild, which for me is great. If venison is farmed is is outside and is not intensively farmed, so your concious will enjoy venison as well as your tummy.

Two of venison’s best friends are chilli and chocolate.

I love a recipe that calls for a spicy bite and a smooth chocolate note. Don’t overpower with either as venison is a delicate flavoured meat.


Venison Stew with chilli and chocolate.
Serves 4

X 100g of stewing venison per person
x 4 rashers of back bacon ( smoked ids nice)
x 3 onions chopped
x 4 sticks of celery
x 3 carrots
x 2 bay leaves
x sprigs of seasonal herbs
x 1 glass of red wine
x splash of brandy
x 1 chopped chilli
x approx 400 mls water
x flour for dusting
x 100 g good quality dark chocolate- I used Valrhona Manjari. This dark chocolate has red berry notes and goes very well with savoury dishes. The red berry notes work perfectly with savoury food and with the venison.

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Did someone say Chimichanga?!

So everyone loves going out for dinner, but sometimes this can be a bit of a hassle and expensive. For special occasions its great to be treated to no washing up, table service and a fantastic meal someone else has prepared, cooked and served.
But for the times when you want to save some pennies, have a treat but still stay you can re create your favourite dishes at home.

We love Mexican!
Wraps, burritos, nachos, guacamole. Its all good!!My favourite of these are Chimchangas!
Ah they are just so so good!
the crisp shell, the warm spicy soft interior, the cooling sour cream and zing lime. Chimichangas have it all.


And they are very easy to make.

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Spread The Love …

Autumn in a plentiful time. The hedgerows and orchards are full. Make the most of these fruits for the whole year to come…

Jams, jellies, chutneys and alcohols are great ways to preserve fruits and vegetables till summer.


Jams, jellies and chutneys are great ways of preserving fruit and vegetables for the whole season and make great gifts. 

Our orchard is full of apples, plums, end blackberries and blackcurrants, elderberries and pears.

The allotments and vegetable patches are packed with squash, marrow, courgette, beans, carrots and more….

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Your Mother was a hamster and your father smelt of…….


Available now and for the next few months. A seasonal and generally free treat.


Full of vitamin C these little lovely are nearing the end of their season, so get in quick.
As well as there great flavour in jams and cordials, they are high in antioxidants, immune boosters and can improve heart health. So its a bit of a foragers super fruit really.

Elderberry has been used to help aid coughs and colds for donkey’s years and recent studies have seen it used in cancer prevention drugs as well as aids medicine.

You can use the flowers to make wine and cordials in spring/summer and use the berries to make jams and juices in the winter, they also spruce up a general apple crumble or fruit compote, yummy. What a perfect addition to your Winter food groups, delicious and great for the flu season, winner!



You can find elderberry trees all around your local gardens and woods, but remember a couple of things.

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