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Lancashire Style Veg Hotpot

A traditional style dish, but full of veggie goodness

V //  Vegan // DF


 With Winter knocking at the door a nice warming hotpot is just what you need for a mid week meal. This uses both fresh and store cupboard items to not only make this dish super cheap but also really filling and nutritious.

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Filo Fruit

A little filo parcel filled with summer fruits and flavours

V / Vegan / DF

Persimmon or Sharon fruit as I know them are unique little fruits. The flavour is somewhere around a peach, and for me the texture is between a pear and melon. They are delicious! Simply take the woody leaves off, peel and enjoy. In this recipe I’ve used filo pastry. It keeps these parcels light and totally vegan too.


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A Small Place to Call Home and Grow Your Own

Vegan // V // GF // DF // Organic

I have always loved the idea of growing my own. I’m not sure if it was watching the Good Life as a teenager, or that my parents had a penchant for growing fruit and vegetables or a combinations of both but I have decided to give it a go.


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Butternut Squash Hummus

Vegan / V / GF/ DF/ Syn Free
Liven up a dreary day with this sunny dip

This is a lovely alternative to plain hummus. I love adding to a classics and this one is great for a light snack. Butternut is just going out of season, so it’s the perfect way to use up any that are left. In the absence of butternut, sweet potato would also work well for this too.

The addition of the butternut adds a lift in colour, nutrients and flavour. This is a great quick, healthy dip. It is also vegan, vegetarian (V), gluten free (GF), dairy free (DF) and is syn free on Slimming World extra easy… so enjoy!


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You won’t be able to contain this croque!

I don’t generally have favourite foods or dishes, but I’d happily eat Croque Madams till the end of days!
What is there not to love?

I’m a big believer in a little bit of what you fancy does you good.
A croque is definitely not a healthy option, so keep this one to an occasional treat. But what a treat it is.
Traditionally made with smoked ham, this is my vegetarian version. I had very similar in Cafe Rouge and loved it so much I had a massive craving to remake it.
The Madame refers to the fried egg on top, if you wanted to omit the egg it would then be a croque Monsieur.

So Madam et Monsieur, crack on and get cooking. you will not be disappointed.


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Sprout and Sage Polenta Tart

If like us all, you still have a few sprouts lurking at the back of the fridge, then this Sprout and Sage Tart is a great gluten free, dairy free, healthy dish and it’s perfect for using up seasonal vegetables and herbs.

Using polenta as the crust means the tart is light and butter free. Plus the inside mix uses plant based dairy and doesn’t need cheese, milk or cream.
Im really pleased this turned out so well, especially the crust, I hope you love it as much as I do. This would be great with a host of fillings, so get experimenting! Plus I’m pretty sure you could omit the eggs and add more yoghurt to make the dish vegan too.


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A simply vegetarian breakfast using saffron and herb flowers to brighten a Winter morning.

For me anything that can bring a ray of sunshine to my day is a wonderful thing.
This dish combines the bright, aromatic saffron and earthy rosemary to create a beautiful breakfast. The addition of rosemary flowers adds the final flourish.


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Raw, vegan, gluten free, guilt free treats

After a few weeks of buying, cleaning, fixing and decorating our new pad we are ready to clean and fix our bodies.
My inspiration for these recipes are the vegan, raw, sugar free and gluten free beauties I admire.
I have been trying to go more towards fruit and vegetables and cut down on meat and refined sugars. I started this off with my hardest habit to kick – desserts! I’ve got a cheeky sweet tooth that loves all the naughties.
With this in mind I have seen many delectable raw desserts that look just as good as the sugar filled counterparts and have tried my hand at recreating them. Go on, take a peek!


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 A lightning fast Spinach and Almond Pesto

This is a delicious variation of standard flavoured pesto. This vibrant pesto is perfect to stir through pasta, top grilled fish or to mix with mayonnaise for a yummy dip. Superfood Summer in a bowl!


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PEACHY KEEN – Baked Butter White Peaches On Grilled Brioche


I have always tried where possible to stick to seasonal fruits and vegetables. You get the best of the season at better prices and generally get local, UK produce.
But what about people reading this in Europe, in America, Australia and everywhere in between.

I have just had a request from California. The peach season is in full swing and my reader wanted a seasonal party dessert that would be delicious, yet easy.
As for home peaches; unfortunately the UK season for Peaches is very short and not widely available (late August). My recommendation would be to use french peaches that have not had to travel too far and are just as juicy as far flung fruits. Or to use apricots. Apricots are a great alternative and will be available late May also so not too long to wait for these sweet, golden bundles.

If you are ever reading from elsewhere, please do drop me a line for any requests you may have, and I will do my best to come up with some seasonal tasty treats.

Moving on to the main event, peaches …

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