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A super simple vegan chocolate treat

Vegan // V // DF

This bark is so easy! A great way to make a little treat at home or to give away as a gift.
You could use any good quality chocolate for this of any colour. You can also do any number of toppings. Let your imagination go wild! A great recipe to do with children, as its easy and fun!


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A Small Place to Call Home and Grow Your Own

Vegan // V // GF // DF // Organic

I have always loved the idea of growing my own. I’m not sure if it was watching the Good Life as a teenager, or that my parents had a penchant for growing fruit and vegetables or a combinations of both but I have decided to give it a go.


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Crisp and light, yet full of flavour!

V // Vegan // GF // DF

Use rice papers, and any flavours you enjoy for these lightly baked bundles of joy.


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An update on a classic with full on fruitiness!


I adore blueberries. These plump little jewels are busting with goodness. They are full of antioxidants and a full on superfood. The addition of cocoa gives that chocolate hit, plus the crumble topping is slightly savoury and balancing. I’m not sure you could get away with saying these are healthy, but they do have fruit in them… so… you know…they must have some nutritional merit, right? Regardless of they are delicious! Berry, berry good indeed!


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But not as you know them!

Protein // Healthy

Bake Love is into gains and we’re talking protein!

The lovelies over at BARSPUN have asked me to create healthy, delicious dishes for the weightlifting and barbell community. BARSPUN  are shaped by the bar, and they get shaped by eating right and lifting heavy.

BARSPUN Clothing and their lifting ambassadors provided eating plans, outlining what their main meals include. They consist of high protein and lower carb meals, especially before competitions.


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A Super Simple Breakfast

V // Vegan // DF // GF

This is such a simple dish! Its zingy and bright and will liven up your day in the best possible way!

Grapefruit is a nutrient powerhouse. It is full of immune strengthening and metabolism boosting goodies, plus this recipe takes grapefruit to the next level with a mix of spices, natural sugars and grilling.

Grilled Grapfruit-1

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A fruit with a lot to give!

Vegan / V

So… jackfruit has been a pulled pork substitute for a while now and (better late than never ) I just had to try it. I’m pleased to say it’s fantastic! Possibly even a life changer!
The flesh from the large knobbly green ones is what you’re after. Luckily for us it comes tinned in most good speciality shops. Mine is from YumYum Oriental Foods, Worcester and as the delightful lady told me it’s the young, green flesh in water you need not the ripe one in syrup. So go ahead give it a try.


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Happy year of the monkey!


V / DF

I thought I’d celebrate Chinese new year with this perfectly balanced dish of warming broth, noodles and vegetables.

My version is vegetarian (check all the sauces to make sure they are vegetarian friendly) using tofu but this work equally work well with most thinly sliced meats and even fish.

This noodle soup is super quick, only taking a bit of prep and 5 minutes of cooking time.


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Butternut Squash Hummus

Vegan / V / GF/ DF/ Syn Free
Liven up a dreary day with this sunny dip

This is a lovely alternative to plain hummus. I love adding to a classics and this one is great for a light snack. Butternut is just going out of season, so it’s the perfect way to use up any that are left. In the absence of butternut, sweet potato would also work well for this too.

The addition of the butternut adds a lift in colour, nutrients and flavour. This is a great quick, healthy dip. It is also vegan, vegetarian (V), gluten free (GF), dairy free (DF) and is syn free on Slimming World extra easy… so enjoy!


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You won’t be able to contain this croque!

I don’t generally have favourite foods or dishes, but I’d happily eat Croque Madams till the end of days!
What is there not to love?

I’m a big believer in a little bit of what you fancy does you good.
A croque is definitely not a healthy option, so keep this one to an occasional treat. But what a treat it is.
Traditionally made with smoked ham, this is my vegetarian version. I had very similar in Cafe Rouge and loved it so much I had a massive craving to remake it.
The Madame refers to the fried egg on top, if you wanted to omit the egg it would then be a croque Monsieur.

So Madam et Monsieur, crack on and get cooking. you will not be disappointed.


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