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Chocolate Avocado Cake

A delightfully decadent vegan cake

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Okay, so I have been on a bit of a baking holiday for a little while now. I have been working on a new side to my photography with another of my passions which is horses. Equine photography is always something I wanted to try since becoming a photographer and I decided to take a little time to give it a go. Please do check out my website Through A Looking Glass here.
To kick off my first recipe back, I wanted to do a delicious, rich and decadent chocolate cake… but this one has a little twist. It’s totally vegan and it uses avocado, so you could argue its actually pretty healthy!

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The Move & Nourish photoshoot was a beautiful experience with a beautiful lady. Aimie and I wanted to capture light, love and nourishment with a golden hour shoot. A stunning evening in Guivelivet park provided the natural setting.

I used the natural light to create the desired lens flare as a backdrop to Aimie showcasing her yoga moves.
The other shoot was a time to capture snippets of Aimie that she could use for social media and to add to her image collection for the website.

This lady is pure sunshine, which is what I hope the shoot captured both in her and the surroundings.

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Yoga pose on mat,  Nikon D700, 50mm lens

Golden Hour shoot,  Nikon D700, 50mm lens

Studio Wall,  Nikon D700, 50mm lens

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