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A Kenwood Chef in my kitchen

A wonderful piece of vintage kitchenalia

My Dolly mixer is a firm feature of my kitchen. She has stood the test of time in engineering, design and performance. Dolly was also the first gift my husband bought me (I’m sure the feminist in me should have been outraged – at least it wasn’t a hoover) but as a professional cook and baker it was the perfect present.
Not only did she come with the original kenlyte cream bowl, she also had a host of other accessories, one particularly rare and a few that are still in their original packaging.

Kenwood Chef -10

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Face powder may get a man, but it takes baking powder to keep him…(GoodWood Revival 2013)


September was the Month of GoodWood Revival.

A great chance to experience a vintage affair. With cars, planes, motorbikes, a shopping village THAT’S right village!!!(amazing) and much much more, including a vintage Kenwood stall and coffee shop! AHHHH my nirvana!

It also proved to be an extra special day as my partner and I got engaged.
Pictures of out helicopter engagement will be at the end of the blog if your at all interested.

Starting with a 3 hour drive, my hair set in rollers and a net, I did look a bit of a plum walking into Reading service station, but hey this lady needed her curls to set.

Arriving and after a quick car change, make up and hair poof and we were ready.
Walking to the arena, the cars could be heard screeching laps round the circuit.  On the way we walked past a huge array of beautiful vintage cars ready to race.
Getting in you are met with a fantastic amount of shops, vintage fairground and nibbles. I was quickly trotted past most of the shops and into watch some racing!

The cars were amazing and had been restored and kept beautifully.It was a bit chilly round the track, so with this we made or way over to the planes. Ah they were gorgeous and a flying display was one highlight of the day. My dad was in the RAF and it was wonderful to see the planes he would have worked on in the 50’s. His favourite a spitfire made a flyover and I gave him a little nod. He would have loved GoodWood.

Here are some highlights

goodwood-2051 goodwood-2087 goodwood-2086




goodwood-2056 goodwood-2054 goodwood-2055






goodwood-2068 goodwood-2067 goodwood-2066






goodwood-2073 goodwood-2071 goodwood-2070







GoodWood has managed to create my heaven. Vintage, Shopping and Kenwood. Although the mixers were not on offer, but it made me proud to have 3 in my collection, and more to come I would imagine.

goodwood-2097 goodwood-2106 goodwood-2098






goodwood-2121 goodwood-2120







goodwood-2119 goodwood-2117 goodwood-2118







goodwood-2114 goodwood-2113






goodwood-2110 goodwood-2108







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“It’s not how much we give but how much love we put into giving.”

Hello all my lovely readers..

As you will have seen I was in the July issue of Good Food magazine. Part of this was winning a fabulous prize…

A Joseph Joseph Baking set, Digital scales and Juicer. As you guys all know I have a very well equipped vintage kitchen as as gorgeous as they I felt these pieces would be better in the hands of people that need them..

With this in mind I am selling them on eBay as a charity action for my local Worcestershire Food Bank. they do a sterling job in helping people who can not afford such basic necessities as food…. to see the great service they provide.

Please visit this link to go to the action page and bid.

Here are the fantastic prizes- you know you want them for your kitchen!!!!

joseph-006 joseph-002 joseph-003 joseph-004 joseph-005



Please give generously and remember you are not only getting a collection of great kitchen equipment, you are also helping feed families across Worcestershire.

With thanks to Good Food magazine and Joseph Joseph for this great prize, and to all local and national media for helping to publicise the action.

Also thanks to Neilsen-Massey who also gave into the prize- I kept these however as they are my favourite favourite, and have just run out of vanilla!

Thank you to everyone who bids, good luck,

Love Janine xxx



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The Homestead….

Introducing my new website ………….

The Homestead, visit

Have you loved a piece of vintage kitchenalia but haven’t been able to find it anywhere? Have you wanted to buy a piece you’ve seen in a blog? Well now you can.

As well as baking and blogging I also buy and sell vintage pieces, collectables, my own works and work by my crafty friends.

Here are a few examples of the pieces I sell.














I lovingly restore, up cycle, paint, polish and repair and mend old, but still beautiful and usable antiques and retro pieces. Giving them a new life in a new home.

Grab one for yourself at

Also, see me at The Malvern Flea, May 27th where I’ll be selling my  vintage finds, jams and nibbles plus giving advise and tips on cooking and collecting. Come and see me!

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Kitsch, Kitchen, Kitchenalia……

Kitsch- A style of decorative art and design in which ordinary objects with vintage appeal, “old-fashioned” characteristics or banal usefulness feature prominently. Clutter, trite sayings, kitchen utensils and homey objects appeal as “kitchy”.

Kitchen- noun, 1.a room or place equipped for cooking. 2.culinary department; cuisine: This restaurant has a fine Italian kitchen. 3.the staff or equipment of a kitchen.

Kitchenalia-  noun, cooking equipment and other items found in a kitchen

Did I mention that I like kitchen equipment??? No not sure if I did, well I think i have hit near obsession level. I have been buying more!!!!! I just love vintage kitchen finds! I may now need help, as I know these will not be even near the last objects I buy.
I just love the kitsch, vintage wonders I find on-line, at car-boots at flea markets in charity shops and antique shops.

Photo 04-04-2013 19 15 55

Photo 10-04-2013 22 11 35

Photo 17-04-2013 17 47 23






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Bake Love Rebrand.

Spring has sprung, just about.. So time for a rebrand of Bake Love.

I loved the old design, layout and drawings, but felt it need a smarter, more refined image, I still wanted to keep the vintage country kitchen look, so set about coming up with some ideas.

All my inspiration comes from my vintage kitchen. There are so many great items and they deserve to be in the design.
As with all of my cooking. Dolly was a focal item, as was Hilda, the egg hen. Other great bits are my scales. I have just bought some old flour sack fabric called ticking strip. A lovely old cotton material with simple rough stripes. The old sacks also have fantastic stamped logos.

I wanted to do something simple and classic. So I set about doing some primary drawings.

From the drawings I thought about making stencils, in a similar style to the prints on the flour sacks.

rebrand-3 rebrand-2 rebrand-4









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A Thoroughly Vintage Kitchen.

A Thoroughly Vintage Kitchen.

Armed with a plethora of vintage kitchenalia, I lead you through my world of cakes, bakes, vintage, crockery, cutlery, cooking and more….

Using my vintage Kenwood Chef A700B, or Dolly as she’s known, I create and design recipes that are easy peasy to make and taste amazing. Echoing back to the past by using vintage materials and equipment, I help recycle and breathe new life into these items that many would discard as too old or useless. My article will you help you through buying vintage items, recipes, baking, growing and serving great, ethical food to your family and friends.

Please read on……


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A Kenwood in my kitchen.

Here’s Dolly!

I wanted to do a special post about my favourite piece of kitchen equipment. Not only is she vintage, but she’s British, still working after 60 years and just as reliable now as she was then. I love her.

My Kenwood chef A700B, or Dolly mixer as she’s affectionately known.


A little about Kenwood history. The Kenwood chef was created by Ken Wood in the 1950’s is preprocessor had been the A200 food mixer. The A700 Kenwood chef was an all round kitchen machine, which would help the domestic housewife on all food preparation and made the job efficient and methodical.

So popular was the Kenwood Chef that Harrod’s sold out of it the first week.
The Kenwood chef became a kitchen must have and Kenwood mixers are still an extremely popular choice.

I personally love the A700 series, I have an A700B. They all have the legendary ‘planetary’ system of mixing where every cm of the bowl is touched for thorough mixing.
The A700A a has a one long slot at the top and has a 300 watt motor.
The A700B has two slots at the top and has a 400 watt motor.
The A700D has a vent cover and also has a 400 watt motor, the A700D can take more of the modern

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