A Thoroughly Vintage Kitchen.

Armed with a plethora of vintage kitchenalia, I lead you through my world of cakes, bakes, vintage, crockery, cutlery, cooking and more….

Using my vintage Kenwood Chef A700B, or Dolly as she’s known, I create and design recipes that are easy peasy to make and taste amazing. Echoing back to the past by using vintage materials and equipment, I help recycle and breathe new life into these items that many would discard as too old or useless. My article will you help you through buying vintage items, recipes, baking, growing and serving great, ethical food to your family and friends.

Please read on……


You should all know Dolly by now, and how helpful and beautiful she is. She is my star, but I also have a healthy collection of other vintage kitchen items.
In my kitchen I like to mix the old with the new. I love the look and feel of vintage, but have no time for devices that do not work and are inefficient  With some objects I do buy new,but most of the time the vintage items look better, work better and do not brake and have less faults. Plus you are reusing an old machine, and giving them a second chance. Which for me is the most charming part. For me vintage pieces have a soul and I love using them, plus they look beautiful.






Here are two large stock/soup/chutney pans. I love the handles and the sturdiness of them. Do your research with metals and see which one you prefer. These are aluminium and have a small possibly of adding to your daily intake of metal, which can lead to problems, but findings are inconclusive. If you are worried, look into it or choose a steel based item.

A lovely set of vintage scales. I also have a new set, just as I like the accuracy when baking. Still a great decorative feature.







A lovely vintage sugar/flour sifter. A great item for baking.
Vintage pastry/cookie cutters. A nice graduated set, perfect for mince pies, jam tarts, cookies and more.
My Tala vintage cake decorating set, with graduated and different shaped icing nozzles and piping bags. washable and reusable.







A fab pair of old Mason and Cash mixing bowls. A bit cracked and chipped but they were 50p each. I just could not resist.

A old style hand whisk/mixer. This has been so handy for quick mixing, great for pancake batter, whipping cream and through mixing. At £1 another bargain.

Our Spong, British made vintage coffee grinder. Just a great piece of old engineering  Fully adjustable for all sizes of grinding. We use this with our new espresso machine. It was the perfect gift for my partner, a nice boy toy for the kitchen.






Ah this is Hilda, my egg holder. I love her so and a bargain again at £3 from the car boot.

A vintage cream maker, made by Empire, England. It is punched glass and Bakelite  which I found interesting. I will use it soon and do a blog on it. An interesting piece, for look and material.

A great, old Dundee Marmalade jar. I found this in the shed and can only assume my Dad picked it up along the way. I just love the ceramic body and the writing.The branding is great. I love this this jar.






Some great copper pieces. Two jelly/food moulds. I love the lobster. In the middle a copper egg poacher with depressions for the eggs. Great items. Copper items may cost slightly more, but create a great looking kitchen.

Creating a beautiful vintage kitchen is all abput your taste and items that will bring ou joy to look at and to use.
There are many, many places you can find  vintage kitchen items. I find old bits in charity shops, car boot sales, second hand shops, flea markets, eBay, preloved.com and other internet sites and antique sales rooms and centres.

The best thing to do is to look around. Take cash as many car boots and flea markets.

As for price… Well it really comes down to what are you prepared to pay.
I am a bit tight, so I generally don not spend anything over £20 but as in the mixer I paid( well Greg ) paid £75 which was a bargain. My mum thought I was made buying something that old for nearly £100, but as I said if its worth it too yo the price is right.

Well names items such as Kenwood, Mason and Cash, Tala, etc may have slightly higher prices because of the name, but there are some real bargains out there.

With all items, try and buy unbroken, good condition pieces. I also always give everything a clean in warm soapy water to make sure they are clean and sanitary to use.

I will do an in depth blog on my Dolly mixer including where you can go to get your vintage items fixed, but for now have fun, buy items that have meaning or are useful.

As I love buying vintage kitchenalia, I have lots and lots of items I pass on via my website, www.thehomesteadhome.com

This is my website full of crafts, kitchenalia, decorative and unusual items for your home and kitchen. I can help find most items, so if you would like some help or advice please contact me and we can get your thoroughly vintage home kitted out!
email:  jwatkinsdesign@yahoo.co.uk
Here are a few examples…..






I make a range of kitchen and home items, these include sourcing vintage Tate and Lyle sugar boxes. Leather topped storage stools and vintage plate cake stands.

As ever, Bake Love. xxxx