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Should You Viva La Raw Milk Revolution?

Should you Viva La Raw Milk Revolution? Raw milk products Yes or No?

I will be looking into the debate of raw verses pasteurised milk and cheese: Should you risk it?
Also I will be showing you my favourite cheese board and how to present it.

We are now fully emerged in a raw revolution. Which side will you choose?
You will have no doubt been hearing the buzzword ‘raw’ as a lifestyle and diet choice for a while now. Raw food is basically food which has not been heated above 118 degrees. This retains the majority of nutrients and enzymes that cooking destroys or depletes.
There is no doubt strong evidence that raw fruit and vegetables are exceptionally good for you, but what about other foods? In this article I will be looking at raw milk and cheese.


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Ohh Not That Old Chestnut…

Actually no it is not another old chestnut, this a very lovely new one…

Hazelnut, Chocolate Meringue Cake with Chestnut Cream.
This delicious cake is a great alternative to Christmas pudding and other stodgy desserts you find at this time of year.
The meringues are soft and sweet, the hazelnuts add a delightful crunchy texture, the cream is seasonal and delicious and for me chocolate is just a must!
Definitely a show stopper for the Christmas table. The great thing is this could be made ahead of time, frozen and then brought out for the day. A great time and stress saver!





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Cheeky Cow! Salt Baked Ox Cheeks…

Cheeky Cow! Salt Baked Ox Cheeks with a delicious Sage, Butter and Port sauce, plus a Slimming World version…

Ox cheek are lean, filling, richly flavoured and often overlooked.
Thankfully they have gained favour recently and have been used by top chefs and restaurants.
I am so pleased as they really are a great piece of meat.
Ox cheeks are generously grained, but low fat and a great option for slimmings and non alike.
They are best cooked low and slow, so are fantastic in stews and casseroles or braised in wine.


Salt baking is  a method of covering food in the ‘dough’ which insulates, cooks gently and evenly, flavours and is a little bit different.

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Day Bream Believer…

Bream is very versatile, delicious and nutritious.
It can lower bad cholesterol, is abundant in heart-healthy omega-3 essential fatty acids.
It can protects against colon and breast cancer and can also slow down signs of aging.
It also helps uplift the mood as an antidepressant.

I have chosen bream as I think it can be a seriously overlooked fish as people favour cod and haddock (which would work very well in this recipe). Seam bream is a bit more sustainable and it takes the pressure of the other more popular fishes giving stocks a chance to replenish. Why wouldn’t you choose Bream?
This dish a light, yet satisfying dish.
It’s not very seasonal so my apologies, but I had a real craving to make courgette spaghetti and thought bream and pea would be an excellent combination.




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