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Keep Korma and Curry On……

For cold nights a lovely fragrant, punchy curry is perfect. If you want the taste but a slimmers version, this one is a winner. This is quite a famous recipe in the Slimming World, but I have put a spicer bite on it.
Also adding a lovey sag aloo side dish.

Both are syn free and delicious.



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Larder Times…

With Winter drawing nearer and the allotment getting barer, a well stocked larder is essential for throwing together some really tasty and filling dinners.

My dry store basics include:

Stock cubes/bouillon, marmite, bovril
Rice, all types, arborio, basmati, pudding
Dry Pasta, all typer, but I stick to linguine, lasagne sheets and macaroni
Super grain and pulses such as amaranth, cous cous, green and red lentil, quinoa, pearl barley
Dry herbs and spices, my store is pretty jam packed but I use smoked paprika, turmeric, cumin, cinnamon, vanilla, coriander, bay leaves and mixed herbs the most
Tins, chopped tomatoes, passata, chickpeas, kidney beans, butter bean, mushy peas and any other beans I can get my paws on…


Keeping these in my larder means I always have a meal idea using a combination of these and a few fresh ingredients.

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