Flour is powerful stuff.

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Flour has been around for a long long time. The earliest recordings go as far back as when they found wheels to grind corn and wheat. It is the main ingredient in most cultures across the World for daily staples such as bread and doughs, and comes in a huge variety of different types, proteins ratios, derivatives and flavour.

It is used in so many recipes I just could not it all into one post and still keep everyone interested, so here is part one, some basic recipes and uses- to more advanced….

There are also a staggering number of flours available…
Here I will be blogging about general all purpose plain flour, self raising, and white bread flour.

I am making just going to do a couple of recipes to start off.

Basic white sauce- to make a morbier, prosciutto and spinach mac cheese- plain flour
Simple cinnamon buns- self raising
Brioche- prosciutto wrapped Camembert baked in brioche- white bread flour

Lets begin……

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