September was the Month of GoodWood Revival.

A great chance to experience a vintage affair. With cars, planes, motorbikes, a shopping village THAT’S right village!!!(amazing) and much much more, including a vintage Kenwood stall and coffee shop! AHHHH my nirvana!

It also proved to be an extra special day as my partner and I got engaged.
Pictures of out helicopter engagement will be at the end of the blog if your at all interested.

Starting with a 3 hour drive, my hair set in rollers and a net, I did look a bit of a plum walking into Reading service station, but hey this lady needed her curls to set.

Arriving and after a quick car change, make up and hair poof and we were ready.
Walking to the arena, the cars could be heard screeching laps round the circuit.  On the way we walked past a huge array of beautiful vintage cars ready to race.
Getting in you are met with a fantastic amount of shops, vintage fairground and nibbles. I was quickly trotted past most of the shops and into watch some racing!

The cars were amazing and had been restored and kept beautifully.It was a bit chilly round the track, so with this we made or way over to the planes. Ah they were gorgeous and a flying display was one highlight of the day. My dad was in the RAF and it was wonderful to see the planes he would have worked on in the 50’s. His favourite a spitfire made a flyover and I gave him a little nod. He would have loved GoodWood.

Here are some highlights

goodwood-2051 goodwood-2087 goodwood-2086




goodwood-2056 goodwood-2054 goodwood-2055






goodwood-2068 goodwood-2067 goodwood-2066






goodwood-2073 goodwood-2071 goodwood-2070







GoodWood has managed to create my heaven. Vintage, Shopping and Kenwood. Although the mixers were not on offer, but it made me proud to have 3 in my collection, and more to come I would imagine.

goodwood-2097 goodwood-2106 goodwood-2098






goodwood-2121 goodwood-2120







goodwood-2119 goodwood-2117 goodwood-2118







goodwood-2114 goodwood-2113






goodwood-2110 goodwood-2108







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