Kitsch- A style of decorative art and design in which ordinary objects with vintage appeal, “old-fashioned” characteristics or banal usefulness feature prominently. Clutter, trite sayings, kitchen utensils and homey objects appeal as “kitchy”.

Kitchen- noun, 1.a room or place equipped for cooking. 2.culinary department; cuisine: This restaurant has a fine Italian kitchen. 3.the staff or equipment of a kitchen.

Kitchenalia-  noun, cooking equipment and other items found in a kitchen

Did I mention that I like kitchen equipment??? No not sure if I did, well I think i have hit near obsession level. I have been buying more!!!!! I just love vintage kitchen finds! I may now need help, as I know these will not be even near the last objects I buy.
I just love the kitsch, vintage wonders I find on-line, at car-boots at flea markets in charity shops and antique shops.

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Photo 10-04-2013 22 11 35

Photo 17-04-2013 17 47 23






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