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Afternoon Delight

Afternoon Delight.

Hi all, hope you are having a great if not very rainy week if your in the UK.

I have had a little time off, so have been busy in the kitchen, checking the sloe gin. This required tasting and checking sugar levels and flavour. Its good! I am so pleased. Just to make sure I checked it again this evening….. it’s still good, but i might check it tomorrow, just to be sure……. naughty.

I also bought a load of vintage cake tins and dishes. I love getting new, well vintage kitchenalia. It makes me want to use it all and bake some yummy delights with it all.
You really can still find some bargains. I bought a lovely hand mixer, 4 different sized, loose bottomed (oh Matron) cake tins, a pie dish, a shallow tin, a fairy cake tin and a load of different sized wicker baskets for £10. I will have hours of fun with all the tins and the wicker baskets will be perfect for my chutneys and jams as Christmas presents.

I am also crazy about chunky peanut butter too. I really wanted to try out the shallow tin, so I thought a flapjack would be great. So here’s my peanut butter flapjack.

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A Kenwood in my kitchen.

Here’s Dolly!

I wanted to do a special post about my favourite piece of kitchen equipment. Not only is she vintage, but she’s British, still working after 60 years and just as reliable now as she was then. I love her.

My Kenwood chef A700B, or Dolly mixer as she’s affectionately known.


A little about Kenwood history. The Kenwood chef was created by Ken Wood in the 1950’s is preprocessor had been the A200 food mixer. The A700 Kenwood chef was an all round kitchen machine, which would help the domestic housewife on all food preparation and made the job efficient and methodical.

So popular was the Kenwood Chef that Harrod’s sold out of it the first week.
The Kenwood chef became a kitchen must have and Kenwood mixers are still an extremely popular choice.

I personally love the A700 series, I have an A700B. They all have the legendary ‘planetary’ system of mixing where every cm of the bowl is touched for thorough mixing.
The A700A a has a one long slot at the top and has a 300 watt motor.
The A700B has two slots at the top and has a 400 watt motor.
The A700D has a vent cover and also has a 400 watt motor, the A700D can take more of the modern

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The Bagel has landed……

I love bagels! I think they are an amazing invention, the chewy middle and crisp outside, yummy. We enjoy them for breakfast and for lunch. They are great sweet or savoury, are low in fat and taste fantastic.

This is my first time making them and it will probably take me a few time to  prefect so keep tuned for bagel updates.

For four bagels you will need,

x 250 g strong bread flour
x 1 teaspoon salt
x 4 g fast yeast/ 5 g fresh
x 125 ml water
2 teaspoon honey

Place flour and salt into a basin and make a well
In a receptacle measure out the water and add the honey and yeast until it froths.
Add the water mix to the flour mix, mix until it forms a ball, then knead well for 10-15 minutes by hand or 5-10 minutes in a mixer.
I just find kneading by hand hard work, its great if you have the time, but with Dolly (my mixer) it makes the job so much easier and quicker.
Knead till you have a nice dense  elastic dough, you can do this trick where you put the dough so it makes a thin layer, if you can see through it like a window pain without it tearing it is done, if it tears, knead for another few minutes.






Once kneaded it needs proofing, this is where the ball of dough should double on size.

Place in a large bowl and cover with a damp cloth or greased cling film. Put in a warm place and leave to double in size, this should take approximately an hour.

Once doubled, knock back the dough, this is simply hitting the dough to release the gases that have built up. remove from bowl, put the tucked edges underneath and turn over for a smooth ball, now we’re ready for shaping.






This batch makes 4 bagels, and just because I like them all the same size I weighed the ball and divided by 4 which equalled 95 grams per bagel, so i cut the ball into 4 each weighed about 95 g’s.

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