Larder Times…


With Winter drawing nearer and the allotment getting barer, a well stocked larder is essential for throwing together some really tasty and filling dinners.

My dry store basics include:

Stock cubes/bouillon, marmite, bovril
Rice, all types, arborio, basmati, pudding
Dry Pasta, all typer, but I stick to linguine, lasagne sheets and macaroni
Super grain and pulses such as amaranth, cous cous, green and red lentil, quinoa, pearl barley
Dry herbs and spices, my store is pretty jam packed but I use smoked paprika, turmeric, cumin, cinnamon, vanilla, coriander, bay leaves and mixed herbs the most
Tins, chopped tomatoes, passata, chickpeas, kidney beans, butter bean, mushy peas and any other beans I can get my paws on…


Keeping these in my larder means I always have a meal idea using a combination of these and a few fresh ingredients.

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All Good Things Come To Those Who Bake…


Hello All,

Bake Love is in need of a lovely makeover. I want to give you all new photos, a new style and look and an adjustment to my blogging style.

You’ll still see the same yummy, easy to follow homemade recipes, seasonal favourites and vintage kitchenalia. You’ll also be in store for great photos, exciting food trends and lots more smart and snappy blogs to peruse through.

This may take a little while as I want to get it perfect for you, so please be paitent with me.

Keep checking on here for updates and remember you can also follow me through the social media below.

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Rice, Rice Baby ….

photoc 4

Rice is a fantastically versatile ingredient. It is the main staple food for a large part of the human population. It is the no. 1 crop worldwide.
We use rice in lots of dishes at home and probably eat it 3-4 times a week.
Main favourites are chilli and rice, risotto, rice salads and loaded rice ( basically anything reaching the end of its life veg wise, bacon and some crumbled feta).

A great filling dinner it is new my main staple for parties.

photo de5

Paella is fun, filling and looks amazing in a big dish in the middle of the table for all to enjoy.
I like to do chicken, prawn and chorizo, although rabbit is traditionally used.
You can omit or add meats as you want although stick to white meats and fish.
My recipe is a bit of a mix of my favourites and a Sardinian classic.

Onto the rice, for me there are 3 rices to use for a paella, which in essence is a dryer paella…..

You have;
Paella rice- Bahia, Balilla, Bomba, Calasparra and Senia,
Carnaroli rice and
Arborio rice- mainly used in risotto.

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Flour Power – Part One

2014-02-19 19.03.53

Flour is powerful stuff.

2014-02-13 19.52.04

Flour has been around for a long long time. The earliest recordings go as far back as when they found wheels to grind corn and wheat. It is the main ingredient in most cultures across the World for daily staples such as bread and doughs, and comes in a huge variety of different types, proteins ratios, derivatives and flavour.

It is used in so many recipes I just could not it all into one post and still keep everyone interested, so here is part one, some basic recipes and uses- to more advanced….

There are also a staggering number of flours available…
Here I will be blogging about general all purpose plain flour, self raising, and white bread flour.

I am making just going to do a couple of recipes to start off.

Basic white sauce- to make a morbier, prosciutto and spinach mac cheese- plain flour
Simple cinnamon buns- self raising
Brioche- prosciutto wrapped Camembert baked in brioche- white bread flour

Lets begin……

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Deer Old Friends….


Seasonal treat- Venison!

Amazing venison is in season from About November till March. It is lean and tasty and everso nice!
It is a seasonal treat and should be enjoyed.
Use it in the same way you would beef.
Healthy and filling it is a great meat option. Also a lot of UK venison will be wild, which for me is great. If venison is farmed is is outside and is not intensively farmed, so your concious will enjoy venison as well as your tummy.

Two of venison’s best friends are chilli and chocolate.

I love a recipe that calls for a spicy bite and a smooth chocolate note. Don’t overpower with either as venison is a delicate flavoured meat.


Venison Stew with chilli and chocolate.
Serves 4

X 100g of stewing venison per person
x 4 rashers of back bacon ( smoked ids nice)
x 3 onions chopped
x 4 sticks of celery
x 3 carrots
x 2 bay leaves
x sprigs of seasonal herbs
x 1 glass of red wine
x splash of brandy
x 1 chopped chilli
x approx 400 mls water
x flour for dusting
x 100 g good quality dark chocolate- I used Valrhona Manjari. This dark chocolate has red berry notes and goes very well with savoury dishes. The red berry notes work perfectly with savoury food and with the venison.

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Did someone say Chimichanga?!


So everyone loves going out for dinner, but sometimes this can be a bit of a hassle and expensive. For special occasions its great to be treated to no washing up, table service and a fantastic meal someone else has prepared, cooked and served.
But for the times when you want to save some pennies, have a treat but still stay you can re create your favourite dishes at home.

We love Mexican!
Wraps, burritos, nachos, guacamole. Its all good!!My favourite of these are Chimchangas!
Ah they are just so so good!
the crisp shell, the warm spicy soft interior, the cooling sour cream and zing lime. Chimichangas have it all.


And they are very easy to make.

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Smashing Pumpkins


OK OK, I know its a little late, Halloween has been and gone. But that is sort of my point. Pumpkins aren’t just for Halloween, their for life.

Well for autumn/winter anyway. A smashing seasonal, healthy and hearty vegetable(although technically its more of a fruit).



I love using local and home grown. The pumpkin came from The Farm Shop in Stoulton, Worcestershire and the butternut squash was home grown by my green fingered soon to be mother in law.

pumpkins-9845 pumpkins-9843 pumpkins-9846



Related to and in partnership with squashes of all shapes, colour and sizes, they make excellent soups, pastries pies cakes and can be used for sweet and savoury dishes.
Pumpkins are full of vitamin A and C. All parts cam be used, from flowers to seeds and the  seeds are a great source of protein, magnesium, copper and zinc. YUM!

pumpkins-9858 pumpkins-9854 pumpkins-9853

So here are few recipes for you to try.

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Face powder may get a man, but it takes baking powder to keep him…(GoodWood Revival 2013)



September was the Month of GoodWood Revival.

A great chance to experience a vintage affair. With cars, planes, motorbikes, a shopping village THAT’S right village!!!(amazing) and much much more, including a vintage Kenwood stall and coffee shop! AHHHH my nirvana!

It also proved to be an extra special day as my partner and I got engaged.
Pictures of out helicopter engagement will be at the end of the blog if your at all interested.

Starting with a 3 hour drive, my hair set in rollers and a net, I did look a bit of a plum walking into Reading service station, but hey this lady needed her curls to set.

Arriving and after a quick car change, make up and hair poof and we were ready.
Walking to the arena, the cars could be heard screeching laps round the circuit.  On the way we walked past a huge array of beautiful vintage cars ready to race.
Getting in you are met with a fantastic amount of shops, vintage fairground and nibbles. I was quickly trotted past most of the shops and into watch some racing!

The cars were amazing and had been restored and kept beautifully.It was a bit chilly round the track, so with this we made or way over to the planes. Ah they were gorgeous and a flying display was one highlight of the day. My dad was in the RAF and it was wonderful to see the planes he would have worked on in the 50’s. His favourite a spitfire made a flyover and I gave him a little nod. He would have loved GoodWood.

Here are some highlights

goodwood-2051 goodwood-2087 goodwood-2086




goodwood-2056 goodwood-2054 goodwood-2055






goodwood-2068 goodwood-2067 goodwood-2066






goodwood-2073 goodwood-2071 goodwood-2070







GoodWood has managed to create my heaven. Vintage, Shopping and Kenwood. Although the mixers were not on offer, but it made me proud to have 3 in my collection, and more to come I would imagine.

goodwood-2097 goodwood-2106 goodwood-2098






goodwood-2121 goodwood-2120







goodwood-2119 goodwood-2117 goodwood-2118







goodwood-2114 goodwood-2113






goodwood-2110 goodwood-2108







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Spread The Love …


Autumn in a plentiful time. The hedgerows and orchards are full. Make the most of these fruits for the whole year to come…

Jams, jellies, chutneys and alcohols are great ways to preserve fruits and vegetables till summer.


Jams, jellies and chutneys are great ways of preserving fruit and vegetables for the whole season and make great gifts. 

Our orchard is full of apples, plums, end blackberries and blackcurrants, elderberries and pears.

The allotments and vegetable patches are packed with squash, marrow, courgette, beans, carrots and more….

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Your Mother was a hamster and your father smelt of…….



Available now and for the next few months. A seasonal and generally free treat.


Full of vitamin C these little lovely are nearing the end of their season, so get in quick.
As well as there great flavour in jams and cordials, they are high in antioxidants, immune boosters and can improve heart health. So its a bit of a foragers super fruit really.

Elderberry has been used to help aid coughs and colds for donkey’s years and recent studies have seen it used in cancer prevention drugs as well as aids medicine.

You can use the flowers to make wine and cordials in spring/summer and use the berries to make jams and juices in the winter, they also spruce up a general apple crumble or fruit compote, yummy. What a perfect addition to your Winter food groups, delicious and great for the flu season, winner!



You can find elderberry trees all around your local gardens and woods, but remember a couple of things.

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