A simply vegetarian breakfast using saffron and herb flowers to brighten a Winter morning.

For me anything that can bring a ray of sunshine to my day is a wonderful thing.
This dish combines the bright, aromatic saffron and earthy rosemary to create a beautiful breakfast. The addition of rosemary flowers adds the final flourish.


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Coconut crumbed cubes from heaven…Well Australia

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Raw, vegan, gluten free, guilt free treats

After a few weeks of buying, cleaning, fixing and decorating our new pad we are ready to clean and fix our bodies.
My inspiration for these recipes are the vegan, raw, sugar free and gluten free beauties I admire.
I have been trying to go more towards fruit and vegetables and cut down on meat and refined sugars. I started this off with my hardest habit to kick – desserts! I’ve got a cheeky sweet tooth that loves all the naughties.
With this in mind I have seen many delectable raw desserts that look just as good as the sugar filled counterparts and have tried my hand at recreating them. Go on, take a peek!


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SALT AND PEPPER: Why do we season?

Is it science, or is it a flavour we just love to savour?

Go into nearly every food establishment and you’ll see salt and pepper gleaming at you on the table, begging for you to pick up. Etiquette dictates you must taste before adding extra, I do try to, but almost always add a touch more salt and a dash of pepper.
Why? Do I just crave that salty kick or spicy bite, or does science and possibly even genetics play a part in the need. Curiously it’s all and more…


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Light, yet filling and full of flavour. 

These are a light tasty treat which will fill you up without giving you that overly full, bloated feeling. Perfect for warm Summer evenings or as a lighter lunch.

The beauty of these is that the filling possibilities are endless. You can go vegan, vegetable, meat, raw, cooked, colourful, plain… Whatever you like!


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 A lightning fast Spinach and Almond Pesto

This is a delicious variation of standard flavoured pesto. This vibrant pesto is perfect to stir through pasta, top grilled fish or to mix with mayonnaise for a yummy dip. Superfood Summer in a bowl!


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How you spell them, just get in my belly!

These little beauties are fun, delicious, and perfect for a sweet treat.
I do love a doughnut or 5…


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The first in a series of free mini recipe books from Bake Love.

I do hope you have all has an excellent week! I’ve had a pretty exciting one in the form of the Bake Love booklets arriving.


These are a mini series of booklets aimed to test the waters before gearing up to publish annual Bake Love recipe books.
This is Bake Love’s first bite so your comments, constructive criticism and feedback are greatly appreciated. With all of your help when we publish the Bake Love annuals they will be perfect for you all.

The booklets are available below as a downloadable PDF.  Subscribe below to download.


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I do hope you enjoy Bake Love’s first bite!


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PEACHY KEEN – Baked Butter White Peaches On Grilled Brioche


I have always tried where possible to stick to seasonal fruits and vegetables. You get the best of the season at better prices and generally get local, UK produce.
But what about people reading this in Europe, in America, Australia and everywhere in between.

I have just had a request from California. The peach season is in full swing and my reader wanted a seasonal party dessert that would be delicious, yet easy.
As for home peaches; unfortunately the UK season for Peaches is very short and not widely available (late August). My recommendation would be to use french peaches that have not had to travel too far and are just as juicy as far flung fruits. Or to use apricots. Apricots are a great alternative and will be available late May also so not too long to wait for these sweet, golden bundles.

If you are ever reading from elsewhere, please do drop me a line for any requests you may have, and I will do my best to come up with some seasonal tasty treats.

Moving on to the main event, peaches …

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NO NUTS, NO GLORY! Nutella and Hazelnut Liqueur Dessert

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